My first run in with photography was in high school when I took photography and shot for the annual. As a college sophomore, I spend six months studying in Italy. I decided I did not want to see Europe “through a lens”, so I left my camera behind.

What now is a passion remained largely dormant until my daughter’s wedding 15 years ago. I took pictures of each person who attended the reception in our back yard and found I really liked taking close ups of people. My approach is to spend the necessary time to make my subjects feel comfortable and secure their permission to take their picture.
Since that date, I have taken trips alone to India, Burma, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Buenos Aires, London and China.

The last three or four years I have focused mostly on landscapes and, particularly, seascapes. I have also experimented with abstracts and creative images more recently.

I love photography and work hard at creating great images. I hope you like them